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My name is Lucy Baillie. 3 Step Fitness is all about creating a balance between your lifestyle, fitness and weight loss and making sure that it works for you. 

As a busy mum of 3 children I know how hard it is to put yourself first and put precious time and energy into your own fitness and health. But it's so important that we find that time so that we have enough energy to enjoy our families and just as importantly, feel confident about ourselves and our bodies. If you are happy with yourself and able to enjoy activities with your family, then everyone around you will benefit. 

My programmes are designed to fit in with busy family and working lives, and with food that the whole family will enjoy. Changing eating habits,especially as a family, isn't easy, but with guidance about which foods are ok, and which foods are portrayed to be ok, new eating habits that work for the whole family can be achieved. It doesn't need to cost a fortune and there's nothing more satisfying than knowing you are feeding your family good food!

I want my exercise programmes to be fun, and for you to look forward to coming in and training with me. I take into account your likes and dislikes and anything that may cause anxiety, because if you are comfortable with the exercise, your surroundings and your trainer, then you will achieve great results! 

I began working as a Fitness Instructor after seeing how losing weight and becoming fitter changed my life and my confidence. I am now a Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Consultant and love seeing the changes in my own clients. I offer reasonably priced, flexible packages and classes as well as online training to make it easy for you to find something that suits you.


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